A new milestone for METRA’s Corporate Social Responsibility: ASI certification

Another important certification process has been successfully concluded by METRA, which, with the achievement of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, thus reinforces its sustainable policy, confirming its constant and active attention to environmental ethics.

The ASI is a voluntary certification, established in 2012, that has defined the standards at environmental, social and governance level to which companies in the aluminium supply chain adhere in order to comply with sustainability standards.

The objectives of ASI are:
1. To promote measurable and continuous improvements in the main impacts of aluminium use and recycling.
2. To develop a credible assurance and certification system that mitigates the risks of non-compliance with ASI standards and minimises barriers to large-scale implementation.
3. To promote sustainability programmes in the aluminium value chain, which is financially self-sustaining.

The achievement of this certification represents an important step in the path of growth and consolidation of METRA, which is aware of how important it is today to work in the direction of environmental protection, guaranteeing all stakeholders the security of making socially responsible purchases.

The ASI certification therefore represents a further ambitious goal achieved, which underlines the company’s willingness and commitment to be a leader, as the main player in the aluminium sector, in the field of sustainability.

A concrete ethical choice that is part of a path shared with transparency towards employees, partners and customers, to build increasingly solid and responsible relationships and partnerships.