The METRA welding system complies with UNI EN ISO 3834-2

A new and important recognition is added to the certified excellence of METRA Industry:
UNI EN ISO 3834-2, the standard that defines the complete quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

The UNI EN ISO 3834-2 standard provides guidelines for the qualification of the process according to a standard recognized at European and world level. To achieve compliance, it was necessary to create a solid management system that allows all business processes to be carried out correctly.

The METRA welding department makes use of a team dedicated to reviewing the technical and contractual requirements of each order, it also allows the feasibility analysis of all projects and the management of any subcontracting activities to be carried out.

METRA had to qualify and train the welders and welding operators, the personnel assigned to coordination activities and the non-destructive test personnel. A new internal laboratory was also installed which allows staff to perform specific quality controls for welded products.

Programmes have been implemented, as well as the correct operation and maintenance of production equipment, production procedures and operating instructions have been defined and qualified to ensure correct identification and traceability of materials and documentation.

These are the main activities involved in the certification process, a demanding path undertaken as always by the METRA team with absolute determination.

The new facility is a strategic investment for the company, a green project aimed at integrating the supply chain, which now allows METRA to offer the end customer extruded, welded and mechanically processed components from a single plant.

The highest technological levels and the great experience in the world of extruded aluminum alloy profiles are confirmed every year with the maintenance and obtainment of quality system certifications. All METRA certifications are available and downloadable at
A guarantee of the absolute quality of METRA systems, processes, products, services and professionals.