Technology and performance, putting people at the centre.

Dynamism and continuous research, experience and our approach to relationships are the key qualities in our journey.
Our decades of experience in the world of aluminium has qualified us as a reference point for the industrial fabric and has allowed us, project by project, to earn the respect and trust of every single customer.

People are the heart of our work and the soul of every job. We are conscious of the importance of building lasting and virtuous relationships with collaborators, suppliers and customers and strive to achieve just that.

Our reliability covers every aspect of every process. For centralized control of the entire supply chain in a single solution and to guarantee an even greater efficiency rate, in 2009 we adopted Microsoft’s sophisticated ERP systems.

Filosofia Metra - Human centered
We are expert, fast and integrated and we put people at the centre of our whole system.
Filosofia Metra - Relations
We build stable and lasting relationships with our partners, with our collaborators and with our customers.
Filosofia Metra - Passion
We fall in love with our projects and devote ourselves to them heart and soul.
Filosofia Metra - Tests
We design, evaluate, test, improve and re-test to offer you a propositive partnership capable of finding the best shared solutions.