Nothing is wasted,
everything can be
recycled. Endlessly.

The world of METRA Industry revolves around aluminium and the green philosophy behind the use of this material. Our respect for the environment can be seen in various aspects of our production chain: fume recovery, the production recycling of aluminium and scrap.

We have also designed a structure for recovering foundry water, used for the district heating of a class A building within our site.

Ecosostenibilità Metra - Basso impatto energetico

Low energy impact

All production is low-impact and largely operated using natural fuels.
Ecosostenibilità Metra - Produzione in loco

Production cycle under one roof

We avoid moving materials on the road because we manage to keep the entire production cycle under one roof, thus reducing the emission of CO2 and other exhaust gases into the air that we all breathe.
Ecosostenibilità Metra - Produzione leghe low carbon

Low-carbon aluminium alloys

We are green and we give our customers the opportunity to do the same: by choosing Metra they can opt for the use of low-carbon aluminium alloys, i.e. raw materials containing a greater proportion of recycled product.